Don’t know who to write?

Not knowing who to write shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just arriving to your first challenge at writing a letter a day for a month. Between now and February, we’ll have a number of posts to address just this issue, along with some other suggestions to make February more enjoyable.

Lots of people find writing a letter a day to be a welcome goal but wonder who to write to. We don’t want you stumbling over this block and in fact have heard a lot on the subject over the past number of years. Once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder what took you so long to start.

There are plenty of solutions and past participants have proven over and over to be a friendly and helpful lot. This is one project that’s done with a smile on its face.

But if you haven’t done so yet, visit the join-in page where you can sign up for this years challenge. It’s just 4 weeks away and counting.

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