new clothes for the new year


As you may have noticed, we’ve had a chance to get out the new clothes we got for Christmas and try them on. And with the new year here and less than four weeks to go, we’re moving ahead and pushing a new look.

Don’t let anyone kid you, makeovers are exciting and fun. Especially when they arrive in a special gift package. The one drawback is that they look great in the privacy of your own home, but once you wheel out into public you never know how people are going to react to the change.

Rest assured, we are still the same site as we were before – we’re still all about writing letters every day for the month of February. We aren’t going anywhere on that.  And we still have our join in page, comments and address book like before. The fact is now, that we can be be rockin’ what all the cool kids are wearing this year.


  1. patlandon5 says:

    a new pen to enhance new clothes?


  2. sounds like a perfectly good idea :)


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