Award Yourself


It appears there are going to be quite a few people planning to continue writing a handwritten letter every day – but we think it’s time to take a little break and award ourself for a job well done.

And while we would like to offer a solid gold medallion to everyone who signed up this year, mailing costs are such that we leave the realm of handwritten letters and enter the world of packages. But don’t worry, we have something almost as good!

If you were to click on this award yourself link it would take you to our awards page and to the link here that contains a certificate you can download and print to remind yourself of your valuable contribution to incowrimo-2017.

Frame it, put on your desk, amaze your friends. We want you to know you deserve some recognition for helping to keep handwritten correspondence alive.

For those of you leaving us at the end of the month, we hope to see you back here again next year. We know many of you have already signed up for incowrimo-2018. And don’t forget to drop by from time to time. We’re here to the end of the year with plenty of people who are continuing to write.


  1. margessw says:

    Following Murphy’s law, my local post office is closed since the second week of the month ! I’m still planning to ship my letters as soon as I could. Hopefully the ones who’ll received my letters after the end of the month will be forgiving. And I didn’t explained the situation each time, since it’s such a waste of words…


  2. Lanis Mosher says:

    I have one more letter to write.!

    I had made a purchase from my favorite pen store at the beginning of February. I decided not to open it until I wrote my 28 cards/letters. I get to open it this weekend. Yay


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