incowrimo 2017 – the writing roundup



Thank You !! – to all the people who participated in this years project, and made it such a successful event.

Most importantly a huge congratulations to everyone who signed up, joined in, commented, dropped by and managed to get some handwritten letters into the mail as well. The willingness to take time to sit down and reach out with pen and paper is something we hope is a little more ordinary after this month. Our hope is over time it might turn into a handwritten letter every day.

For the remainder of the year, we plan to offer a foundation for your writing while we wait for incowrimo-2018 to arrive.

As a considerable number of people said they want to continue writing letters through the remainder  of the year, we plan to stay active and keep their names in the address book until the end of November 2017.

And though this years chance to  join in is gone, we aren’t going anywhere. The 2018 join in page will open on December 21st with all the addresses be posted on January 18, 2018 if you’re inclined to plan ahead. As a bonus; if you already opted to participate next year, you’re already in the book.

For those of you following this site, we’ll be continuing to post changes, important news, dates and updates as they appear and hope you will pass them on.

And in particular, we’d like to extend our thanks to a number of people, pages and groups who contributed to this years success. Their involvement behind the scenes kept everything moving forward. And even though each of them already make valuable contributions to the world of handwritten letters, it was their help and friendship that made incowrimo-2017 work.

If by chance you’re unfamiliar with any of these resources, we urge you to take a look. All of them are great examples of why the letter-writing community is so rewarding.

If you’re looking for a spot to find answers to your questions and talk to others about handwritten letters, a A World of Snail Mail is the place to go. Paper, postage, projects, topics, questions and thoughtful advice – you can’t do better. And while our comment sections remain open and helpful, it definitely pales in comparison. Many thanks to Mia for her support and help.

A-hand-in-friendship happens to be one of the most wonderful and interesting projects on the internet. A long-time Ink-a-Rhino participant Patricia Landon has provided the inspiration and support to get this project off the ground and keep it afloat.

And thanks to Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens for tipping so many people off to this years site. Brian is an immense supporter of the handwritten word. Possibly the world’s best online source for information and supplies for the serious letter-writer – and those who dabble as well. His annual incowrimo giveaway continues to amaze us. A mark of his genuine commitment to the handwritten world, his generosity of time and information is an example for us all.

Thanks to the hundreds of private comments and initiatives that continued to put a smile on everyone’s face. Linda Tieu’s creative blog and her Rosie Stationary Set and the post in Strings ‘n Things were both welcome additions to incowrimo-2017.

Not least of which, a huge shout-out goes to the base of writers who joined as from a world of snail mail, the fountain pen network, fountain pen geeks, postcrossing, nibspotter, and the bullet journal communities. Bravo! and thanks.

But it was the support of social writing clubs that surprised us the most.

Probably the most exciting idea to gain traction this past year. And a marvellous way to directly support the handwritten letter.

Honestly, we believe this is a great thing for you to support. If there isn’t one in your area, you should seriously consider starting one up. It isn’t that complicated or hard.

And while the assembly of text and wolverine farm letter writing groups are two great examples, it needn’t be too fancy,  meet up has a simple page with everything you need to make your own local group.

Again, a huge thanks if to every one of the hundreds of people who joined in! You’re the best!

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  1. hertryk says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this year’s activity! Received a few letters in return . Very happy 😊 I joined and thank a work colleague for the introduction


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