autumn’s preparations


We’ve passed through the white dew and autumn equinox and are quickly approaching the first hard frosts that signal the onset of winter.

With the days noticeably cooler and shorter, the leaves are beginning to fall and our thoughts turn to taking stock and preparing for the coming cycle of the new year.

And that includes of course, a month of handwritten letters.

We’re here to assure you that things are going well and incowrimo-2017 in particular will be reborn with all the other pleasures awaiting us this coming year.

To those who have followed along thus far, there will be some substantive changes at the end of this month.

In particular we’d like to remind you that the remaining names and addresses from incowrimo-2017 will magically disappear from this site at the end of this very month.

And even more important!  incowrimo-2018 is set to come into being the very next day.

That’s right, “incowrimo-2018a handwritten letter every day – February 2018″  is hovering just around the bend and plans and preparations have already started to move to our new location and prepare for another month of handwritten letters.

And to make things especially easy, the format will remain the same.

Our sign up page will be back up and running in November. And all addresses will be posted January 18, 2018 to let everyone prepare for two weeks before the event.

Starting November first, our new address will be

Please let people know, and we look forward to hearing from you all.



  1. Mia says:

    Look forward to it :D


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