Heads up

Just taking a couple of minutes to stick our heads up from data sheets, calendars, text blocking, postal addressing standards and documents to let everyone know that it’s just three short days until this years list of participants will be listed alphabetically on the address book  page.

Needless to say, we’ve been faithfully collecting and processing every one of the contacts submitted and re-submitted to the join in page along with all those who have been thoughtful enough to submit their updates and corrections (much appreciated by all).


While there hasn’t been a lot of excitement up front here in the audience section, the action behind the curtain has been wonderful and furious. As of today, we are a little over five-hundred participants for incowrimo-2018. And if past years have been any indication, this number may rise substantially over the next couple of weeks.

There have been visitors from every part of the world, many of them signing up as participants.  Given the number of names, if you haven’t already,  you might want to start giving some thought to how you will choose who to write. There are plenty of methods and the one that works best for you is going to be ideal.

Many people continue to write throughout the year and there is nothing stopping you from writing more than one letter during the course of the day. The only goal is to have a letter postmarked every day between February first and the twenty-eighth. (getting it into a letterbox counts)

Which brings us to a little comment that needs to be brought forward every year. Please keep in mind that incowrimo-2018 is not a project for submitting your name in order to receive mail. The numbers are against it.

It is a project where each person agrees to send a handwritten piece of correspondence (card, note, letter, monologue, commentary, poem, story …) once a day for the twenty-eight days of February.  The important parts being international, correspondence, writing, month or inky-rhino for short.

Keeping this in mind will help reduce the disappointment that comes from signing up with the assumption that twenty-eight people are certain to send you a letter.

That being said. If you managed (as most veteran correspondents do) to avoid sending appeals, diatribes, sermons and general hot air and unpleasant opinion; at some point you are likely to receive a wonderful reply from the person you wrote.

If you write back, an ongoing correspondence is likely to develop and carry on into the year.

It takes time to get started. But once the ball gets rolling, you’ll quickly understand why people have been returning year after year.

On another note — it has been brought to our attention that starting January 21st 2018, those living in the United States of America will find the price of 1st Class stamps rising to 50¢ postcards to 35¢ and each additional ounce will be charged 21¢. International Postage will remain unchanged at $1.15.

So in the end, don’t worry. If you signed up last year and asked for your name to be added to this years list or just submitted, updated or corrected an address; we have it.

All addresses will be posted alphabetically this Thursday, January 18, on our address book page.

The join in page will stay open until the 28th of February and the updates and corrections will remain open and attended to throughout the year.

Thanks and best wishes to all.


  1. hertryk says:

    Looking forward to receiving letter from all over the world! Bring it On!


  2. Just a note on writing the date in the letter: there are different conventions on how to write. Is it mm/dd/yy or yy/mm/dd or dd/mm/yy? Please, to avoid confusion, write the name of the month. I know inky-rhino is for February, but if you do continue writing throughout the year, then it is wise to get into good habits.


  3. Kate says:

    What’s the best way to support InCoWriMo in the off months? Is it a single person responsible for the website management or a group? Are there opportunities for others to help?


  4. Keep writing letters? Seriously, we promise to get back to you on this in a couple of days after we finish the cleanup here. There are several possibilities we will be working out over the next month or two. Thanks for the offer :)


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