the incowrimo-2018 address book


Congratulations to everyone who put their name in for incowrimo-2018. After a month of wrestling with this years list of addresses, the time has come to pull back the curtain and see who has signed up.

Before you head over to the freshly published address page we’d like to mention a few important things.

First of all, we were a little overwhelmed at the success of this years event and you might be too when you first take a look at the list.

A lot of thought has gone into publishing the whole thing alphabetically the way it is.

Understandably it’s probably as daunting to you as it has been to us over the past several weeks. For this reason, we’ll be posting some thoughts over the next couple of days that will provide insight and help in navigating your way around.

Just in case you were hanging around for the right moment, it’s not too late to be part of incowrimo-2018. We promise, we won’t close the join in page until the end of the month.

Longer than that and you’ll end up waiting 10½ months before you get another chance.

Please check your name and address is correct. If there’s a problem, you can go to the updates and corrections  page and fix it. Keep in mind that your address has been formatted to meet standards that guarantee to get your mail to you correctly and as fast as possible.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to participate in this event and don’t quite know how? It’s pretty simple. Just head over to the join in page and well  ..join in.

Everyone will be glad you did!


  1. Kate says:

    Wow! I’m new to this. How do you decide who to send a letter to? Do people have methodologies? Or is it pure randomness?

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  2. Good question. Don’t despair, we’ll be posting a few answers to this later today.

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  3. I don’t think I have a big enough hat to draw names out of! Last year, I did a combination of scrolling up and down stopping randomly, and picking up on interesting addresses. Some street names have trees in and I wondered if there were any of those trees there…. Or geographical feature…. I also had some existing penpals to write to.

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  4. Christina says:

    I’m choosing by countries I haven’t written before, and those I’d like to visit, then the countries I have visited, and of course existing penpals.

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  5. Last Year I ended up writing 125 letters in the month of February for #InCoWriMo 2017. It was a great experience meeting some fantastic new pen pals.
    Looking forward to #InCoWriMo 2018.
    Thank you again for all of your efforts.

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  6. rjalex says:

    In my case it’s purely random.


  7. Dana says:

    I am excited to participate in this, I have not heard of this before and find it to be a fascinating endeavor. A little about me- I am a wife and mother who works full-time as a laboratory supervisor. I enjoy reading, journaling, and spending time with my family. I hope to make a few long lasting pen pals through this. Thank you for putting this together…

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  8. Eric Silver says:

    I have no idea what it takes to put together such an effort, but I had a great deal of fun writing new friends last year, and am eagerly looking forward to INCOWRIMO 2018. Thanks again to those who generated this effort and to all of you who participated last year and will participate again.

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  9. Birty Lightner says:

    Thank you for organizing this!


  10. AC says:

    Hi, I sent in my address yesterday and was wondering how long it will take to appear on the address page. Thank you!


  11. Good question, we renew the list approximately every 24 hours depending on the volume coming in. Sooner if possible. Won’t be long.


  12. Barbara Hunt Cannon says:

    This year I wanted to find more people in my own country so I went through and picked a few from other parts of New Zealand since there is no one in my area into pens and ink etc. Last year I received from all over the world but this year I wanted to see what others were doing here. I do not use Social Media so I am a bit isolated. Also since everything has to be imported cost is an issue and so hearing how others here in this country cope with this challenge will be wonderful. So this exciting program has made it really easy to find others of like minds. Thank you InCoRiMo.

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  13. Kelly Cozens says:

    Hi! This is my first year participating and I’m so excited. I love fountain pens, bullet journals, and all things stationery or marker/pen related. I just started volunteering at my local humane society and so far I’m loving it. I have one adult son who is my pride and joy, and two large dogs. I am so looking forward to receiving some handwritten letters next month and finding out more about some of you!

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  14. Fiona Skye says:

    Hi! I’m here! This will be my first time participating in InCoWriMo, and I’m super excited to join in! The art of letter writing is one that’s definitely worth keeping alive. I’m looking forward to a month of correspondence with people I’d never have met otherwise.

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  15. Inez Martin says:

    Wauw, I am ready to take off!
    Its my first time to join this wonderful group, I am very exciting.
    I going to choise for sending my letters to my new fellows in my new country: I am emigrated so that is the most wonderful oppertunity to send beautiful letters around in my new country. I am emigrated from the Netherlands to France!


  16. tzeilanm says:

    I want to join. I hope it will be nice 😊

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  17. Gertie says:

    SUPER Excited about this opportunity! I decided that I would randomly choose every other person from one state in the US, and one person from a different country. So I have 14 different states representing the US, and 14 different countries! I think I’ll start this weekend and get a head start!


  18. Brad Merrill says:

    In the past I used current pen pals, and people I know from some of the online fountain pen forums, such as and As this is the first year I am doing it through the site, I will use names from here to augment my regular pen pals and others. I think I have a couple of pen pals dating back to 2013 or 2014. I return all letters I receive. Even if I get them after the end of February, you will still get a response.


  19. JujyCakes says:

    Any hints on navigating the address book on an IPad for looking at other countries addresses? Thanks, looking forward to this again this year! Happy inking ✍️


  20. If you look at the blog post navigating the addresses part 2, you should find some help. There is a search function on your Safari browser.


  21. Birty Lightner says:

    I am excited to learn more about people and cultures and places different from my little corner of North Carolina in the USA. This is such a wonderful way to share the world.


  22. Almira Patindol says:

    Hi! Just found out about this yesterday and I guess Im a little late already. I would like join in I guess I will start with my local friends here and then extend. I am in a way spreading the challenge locally. I bet some doesnt know about this here. I dont have a good penmanship but Im teaching myself calligraphy. Thanks for organising this.

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  23. Congrats and welcome. It’s never too late to send a letter to someone :) You can to write anyone on the list I’m pretty sure they all like to receive mail and there’s a good chance they’ll write back. We also know from plenty of personal experience that when we open a letter that arrived in the mail, poor penmanship is something we rarely if ever think about. Good luck with the calligraphy, it’s how many of us got started :)


  24. This is my second year participating and last year I ended up writing 125 letters.
    Last week on Kick-Off Day 1, I attempted to post a comment; however, it never appeared perhaps something goofy with Gravatar. Thought I would try again – I’m very interested in offering 10 copies of my AnchoredScraps Old-Style Correspondence Address Book for drawings! Thinking of having a drawing from those who write a letter each day this month. In addition, I would also cover the shipping to each of the ten recipients.
    Best, Helen


  25. Jo Page says:

    Love belonging to INCOWRIMO already preparing for next year. Still receiving letters to whom I wrote , and more besides. I have sold my house so my address listed is temporary. Many thanks to all concerned.


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