Somedays it does feel like we should be getting a solid gold medal for doing what we do.  Unfortunately we can’t always do that – but here’s a chance to award yourself for a job well done!

It’s not often that we have a project we can start and finish over the course of a month, but you’re in luck because incowrimo-2018 is one  ..and it’s a great way to start the year.

So go ahead and award yourself, you deserve it!

Make your way to the link here and you will find your award all ready to download, print, sign with your name and proudly display wherever you want.




  1. hertryk says:

    I would love a certificate. I rose to the challenge of a letter a day with a day to spare! I hope everyone had as much satisfaction as me.

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  2. ooops…. we’ll make a post announcing when they are ready by the end of the weekend.


  3. Marie-Antoinette Pelser says:

    I had so much fun writing a letter each day in February that I was actually sad to see February go….. :(
    At least I know that two of my letters arrived safely. One was posted on a WhatsApp group and the other…..I received a letter from her yesterday. :) Super happy!! Hopefully the other 26 letters make its way safely to everyone I wrote to.


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