We believe that keeping in touch is kind of important. And that’s why we’re moving our comments section here to it’s very own page.

Years past have proved that a good comment section provides timely general information in addition to letting other people know you’re here. Believe it or not for more than a year, incowrimo pretty much functioned from a comment section alone.

Keep in mind it’s our firm belief that if you have something to say to someone  ..send them a letter.

Few things in life are as satisfying as opening your post box to find someone has sent you a letter sharing their ideas and thoughts. And just as nice is the opportunity to write them back.





  1. Sarah Spencer says:

    This is my first year participating and I’m looking forward to corresponding with others from close to home and around the globe. About me: I’m 36, married, have no kids, and have one adorable dog. I love to hike, read (narrative nonfiction, short stories, fiction), and do puzzles (word, sudoku, jigsaw).


  2. alexandrited says:

    Hi! This is my first time doing this and I’m really excited ! I love writing letters. I’m retired but never seem to have enough time to do all the things I love like reading, writing, traveling, needlework, photography, and more. I still do some editing work because I love encouraging writers. Favorite things include reading (I’m in several book clubs), tea (favorite is Indian Breakfast tea but it’s hard to get), music, food, tai chi (still a novice). Looking forward to corresponding with people from all over the world.
    Caroline D

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  3. Betsy says:

    Hello Friends!
    I’m so thrilled to be jumping on the incowrimo train with you! Another first-timer here, my husband and I have our giant stash of domestic and international stamps ready to go. I’m very much into journaling (bullet journaling too!), baking, writing, needlefelting, and reading. Always looking for a good book, a great cup of coffee, and a chance to learn something new. I’m super excited about writing letters to some new friends- I feel like we’re a pretty self-selected group of people who refuse to let the handwritten word die. We have to keep the postal services worldwide in business!

    I’m a personal development junkie, and I learn more about how we can take better care of ourselves every day. Turns out letter writing is a great place to slow life down for a little while! Here’s to new friendships, and handwritten letters!
    Betsy O

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  4. Bill Thomas says:

    Such a brilliant idea! It was only yesterday, going round my local shops to stock up on paper & envelopes for what promises to be an exciting month, that I realised that modern retailers assume no-one writes any more! Plenty of envelopes, to be sure, but no paper, nothing to put into those all-enveloping harbingers of news, of friendship, light & love – good job I have some stashed away!
    To join in with the folk who are sharing about themselves on here, I’m a medical secretary who moonlights as a poet & preacher, living in a thin place along the Welsh/English border where invaders have come & gone, but where folk live in harmony with the land & each other – google Kilpeck Church to see the carvings that still speak through the mist to help shape our stories…

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  5. hannahehaney says:

    Happy incowrimo! My name is Hannah and I love seeing different varieties of writing and stationary. I collect coins and greatly enjoy exchanging coins with other that might also collect. I also have a vast love for antique glass and tea cups. I would love to connect with anyone and talk about hobbies, recipes, pets, and fascination! Write me and I will write you back!


  6. ninnanh says:

    Bummer, I put my name and address into the Address Exchange in the email I received. I don’t show up in your address book. I didn’t know there was another place to sign up. I’ve written everyday so far and will continue to do so. I enjoy writing letters and the thrill of seeing a real letter instead of a bill in my mailbox. It makes walking out to the mailbox in below zero weather worth it. Thanks everyone.

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  7. darkflamme says:

    This year is my first time participating, but I’m a life-long penpaller. I’ll turn 40 soon, single woman, no children, besides letters i love reading, music (rock and metal), languages (I can correspond in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Finnish and Swedish -the last 2 if you don’t mind mistakes, though I write well enough), traveling, photography, crafts, makeup, krav maga, ice hockey, nordic walking, shopping, tattoos, learning new things… I’ll be happy to make some new friends via this event, if anyone wants to write. :) My address should be in the address book (Giselle, from Barcelona, Spain)

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  8. KevinF says:

    Wow, 8 letters in 8 days. Successful thus far. But none received. If you wish to write to a working musician, I am under Kevin F in Royal Palm Beach,FL.


  9. Dani Gray says:

    This will be my first year participating in incowrimo, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m Dani Gray, in Seattle WA. I love the pacific north west for its gray skies and rainy days. Most times you will find me, with pen in hand, on the beach. I loooove art (I paint with various media), music, letters, and write poetry and prose. I have a dark sense of humor, and will hand make each envelope I send out!

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  10. Hi, Jo Pilsworth here and this is my first year of participating in InCoWriMo. I may have gone a bit crazy so far, as I think I have averaged a couple of letters a day. I discovered writing was quite fun again., not to mention relaxing.


  11. patlandon5 says:

    Take a look


  12. Lisa Mason says:

    I was added to the address book on the very last day and I fear that many participants may have already chosen the people that I plan to write to.


  13. Robert Shaun Schmidt says:

    Hi everyone my name is Shaun and this is my first time participating in Incowrimo. I love to read but have always had bad handwriting and would print or most often type rather than write things. I have recently started writing with fountain pens and have discovered a real joy in writhing that I never seemed to have before. I have a happy little collection going of pens and I am finding any reason to use them. I have many hobbies and one of these has been a love of history and a fascination with the way things were done in the past. I am currently learning a lot about 17th century cooking and lifestyles. I hope to hear from some of you and reach out to others. Remember to live long, smile often, love deeply, and laugh at everything you can.

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  14. AC says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to find my address on the shortlist as well and I figured I’d better post a sort of bio to go with it. I’ll reply to all letters I receive, so if anyone is interested in getting mail from a huge island, home of orang utans and proboscis monkeys with huge noses, mine is the only address with SARAWAK in it. I’m on the opposite side of the planet from most participants so I might be still ‘incowrimo-ing’ long after the month is up :) Write on anything you like but if you need ideas, I’d love to hear about:
    @->– why you joined InCoWriMo
    @->– a typical day in your life
    @->– your top 5 (or 10?) quirks
    @->– your favourite music (it might get added to my letter-writing soundtrack on Spotify)
    @->– book recommendations (I tend to like non-fiction, fantasy/horror/sci-fi/crime short stories rather than full-length novels, and quirky books)
    @->– unusual hobbies you have
    @->– recipes for people who don’t cook but want to start
    @->– how to make stubborn plants bloom ;)
    And by the way, if you are enthusiastic about random die-cut ephemera for mail art, small patterned envelopes, Chinese red packets (they can be used for mail art too), tea bags or tiny sticky notes let me know. I have surplus of these items so you’ll probably find a little something enclosed with my letter!


  15. We can assure you that quite a few participants don’t choose until the official list comes out, or during the month of February itself. Given the mathematics of how this project works, the best way to ensure mail in your letterbox is by writing a letter every day.


  16. Sharon Ripperger says:

    Just a quick question….last year was my first time participating and I requested that my address remain on the list after February. Do I need to do anything to ensure that continues in subsequent years?


  17. No, not really. If you’d like it taken off you can refill the updates and corrections information letting us know.


  18. Jane K Wendell says:

    Just got a lovely postcard from JANE TURNER….the corner with your complete address is missing. I want to write back, but I didn’t find you in the database. Please, if you see this, email me at Thank you!


  19. Sharon Ripperger says:

    Thanks, that’s what I thought, just wanted to make sure I stayed on! :)


  20. Nancy says:

    I was so thrilled about receiving my first letter yesterday!!! (Feb 16). THANK you Sean! I am only one day off schedule in sending, and I went to the post office yesterday to see what was available in the way of stamps. Back to writing. :-)

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  21. Kate says:

    I’ve had a letter returned indicating ‘wrong address’. How do let the admins know? Thanks!

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  22. A comment in this section that you had a letter returned from ” -name-of-participant-” would let us and everyone including the addressee know there’s a problem. If you were to fill in the info on the update corrections page with the persons name and instead of address – letter returned wrong address it would be specific to the admins. Thanks and sorry for the delay.


  23. Kshitij Shetty says:

    Hi Guys,

    I had a letter returned from Asma Sadqi from Paris. The address I wrote is the exact same as the one shared here. My print writing is very clear and not illegible by a long shot :P

    Would be nice if you guys could help see what went wrong, else it would be a wasted effort for me.

    Thanks a ton.



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  24. We’re sorry to hear it returned. The address is a functional address and we have not received an update or correction so there is unfortunately little we can do until we hear from the correspondent themselves :(


  25. Kshitij Shetty says:

    Oh ok. I guess I’ll rewrite the address and send it once more. Thanks for the response.



  26. Rachel Adler says:

    I’ve had such an amazing InCoWriMo. I was split between writing some knitting friends and writing people here, figured I’d start picking people from the list once I got through the list of my knitting friends, but what ended up happening is that I got a ton of letters from people, and responded to them all (except the ones that came in the past 5 days…)! So many wonderful letters from so many people! I’ve been writing them in batches on days I have more time instead of daily and lost count somewhere around 26 letters, so I might end up with more than the 28 I was aiming for. This has been so much fun! I hope everyone ended up getting letters, and if you didn’t get any letters this month, please send me an e-mail and I’ll write to you (though not until March)! theyellowhobbit [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  27. Helena Bartmar says:

    I am so happy I joined in on this InCoWriMo :) I have received 38 letters and cards so far and I have sent out 45 :) I started answering the letters that arrived rather than writing from my list. I have sent out more than I received so that means I have sent some first letters too :) I am so happy that there are so many nice people out there. Many letters have small gifts in them too. I will learn to pick small things for next year when I see some :) Happy InCoWriMo to all <3

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  28. Gabriele Gehrmann says:

    I have just finished my last official letter for InCoWriMo-2018 which I am gointg to post tomorrow morning. What a pity that February is the shortest month of the year! But I want to reply to some letters I have received. I am looking forward to InCoWriMo-2019!

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  29. Thanks, we are too :) There are plenty of people to write to during the remainder of the year until the address book for 2018 closes at the end of November. You don’t have to write every and I’m sure they’d enjoy the letters.


  30. AC says:

    Hi, I was wondering how the question below works. If someone put ‘no’ would their address be removed from the list if someone reported an undelivered letter?

    when my address changes, I’d like to let people know by re-filling this form(required)

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  31. KevinF says:

    I received a number of letters in the last week of the month. I was really happy to receive them. Thanks Incowrimo for attending to this art of letter-writing. i will do it again next year but in the meantime, I will correspond with my contacts i made this year.

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  32. This question has been fascinating us for a while. Some people actually don’t want to let people know when they change address which is fair enough, while choosing the duration of your name on the list is a separate question. In short we don’t remove someone for not letting us know they’ve moved but we do post under their name that there has been an undelivered letter(s) reported to the address.


  33. Christina says:

    InCoWriMo 2018 was a terrific experience for me. I’m thankful the comments structure here isn’t nested: I found some enthusiastic and wonderfully simpatico domestic recipients from the comments. Other factors which made this year’s project special for me were the addresses from ‘exotic to me’ locales, places where I’ve never written to before, especially the autonomous/distinct society areas within some countries, and one lovely surprise: a letter from someone in my own city!

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  34. hauntednefertiti says:

    I really enjoyed my first year doing this! I was so happy to get letters from a few people who I did not reach out to first, and to recieve replies to some of my letters as well. I did get a letter back undelivered from one of the addresses I chose from the address book… Kristie Rios. Now I just need to respond to everyone who wrote me!

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  35. hertryk says:

    Wrote a letter everyday to all over the world. Received 6 all from the USA Many thanks to those that wrote and I assure you I have replied to all. The letters I wrote to France, Italy, Spain, UK. and NZ disappointing response. Perhaps they changed their minds. Not to worry I had fun writing. !


  36. Letters can often take 10 or more days to reach some of these places and the same or more coming back. NZ and some of the other Pacific countrys can some times be 20 or more days if there is a problem. No one knows why, often handwritten addresses must be sorted by hand (a subject of an upcoming post) and it can even be the envelope material. Some of us have received replies as late as August and September though most tend to run into April. It’s the magic of the mail and part of what makes this exciting when venturing out to the post box.


  37. Maxine says:

    I wouldn’t worry yet about receiving replies. Personally, I wrote to 28 individuals during February and now, I am going to work thought the replies so some of those won’t be received until late March, maybe even April.

    From seeing people say they had chosen their list and planned their letters, that’s what I assumed most people might do, rather than only reply to ones received. Although, of course, there are no rules :-)

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  38. Christina says:

    I overheard at the post office yesterday that for some international mail enough outgoing pieces have to accumulate for transoceanic air delivery. And yes, delays happen. I mailed a card to Japan in early December and it arrived the middle of January. Normally delivery from US to Japan takes nine-eleven days. In my experience the fastest transoceanic delivery times (that is, shorter than two weeks) are typically from Japan, UK, Germany, Norway and Finland. And some countries have only five days a week delivery, some recipients pick up mail at post offices less frequently than daily and don’t have door-to-door delivery, some people run out of postage, et cetera. Of course smaller countries divided by smaller bodies of water enjoy faster delivery times. From this experience I learned of the Small European Postal Administration Cooperation and I admire SEPAC for couriering letters to and from one tiny autonomous area I wrote to.

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  39. Too true. Thanks for the mention of SEPAC. There are a number of unsung and dedicated groups worldwide who do enormous amount of work to make the postal system function as well as it does


  40. Andrea in New York says:

    This is TO *SOMEONE IN AUSTRALIA* … who mailed a letter to Andrea Levin in New York …
    Your lovely letter arrived … shorn of its contents! Only the addressee part of the folded letter survived! The rest got sheared away along its perforated edges. So … I’m hoping that somehow *Someone in Australia* (whoever you are…) sees this … Let’s perhaps have a moment of silence, and ponder the occasional savagery of transcontinental travel for … paper things. Or – a moment of gratitude, pondering how often the process goes well. (deep sigh.)


  41. Andrea in New York says:

    ADDENDUM: I just counted … 27 Australians on the InCoWriMo list. Ok. Here’s my … pledge. I will attempt to write to every single Australian – another month! – in hopes of catching the person whose letter got sliced to ribbons. A feat of strength, endurance, and … zitsfleisch…It’s the least I can do.


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