Welcome to the official join-in page for this years incowrimo-2018 event.  Unfortunately the sign-up process for 2018 is now closed.

This doesn’t prevent you from participating in this years event.

Simply choose your names from this years list or write to someone you already know. Keep in mind that this is a project of writing a letter and posting it to someone every day for the month of February.

If you want to find someone to write, make sure to check out the address book for the complete list of names. You can also find an ever-changing shortlist of 28 people you can write here , but you’ll miss the fun of exploring this years project.

If you need to update or make a correction to your already published 2018 address you can go to the updates and corrections page and resubmit the correct information.

We look forward to seeing you again next year for incowrimo-2019.

Note: A word about addresses and how this works

  • unless otherwise requested, address will automatically be removed by March 01, 2018
  • a considerable number of participants keep their address available for the rest of the year
  • there are a couple of reasons we encourage this
  • a number of rewarding handwritten friendships have started here well after the official month was done
  • some people actually appreciate correspondence for more than 1 month out of every 12 and welcome having new people to correspond with
  • all of this year’s addresses will be removed before November 01, 2018
  • again — even though your name is in the book, we encourage you to leave a reply in our comment section at the bottom of the page is still a quick and useful way to keep in touch. It lets participants know you’re here, say hello, solve postal issues and encourage others.



  1. Holly says:

    Hello! I’m Holly Cooper and I’m a 61 year old educator who travels and works for the state of Texas, supporting teacher and others working with kids with severe and multiple disabilities. I enjoy quilting and weaving, embroidery and paper art. I do some mail art and simple bookbinding. I love cats and books. I did InCoWriMo last year and managed to keep up. I’d love to hear from you!

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  2. mimitabby says:

    Hello, I’m Mimi Torchia Boothby. I have participated in some of these events in the past, because I do love getting and sending mail. I am retired, but live a fairly active lifestyle, I ride my bike (ok, I’m a fair weather rider), we go for lots of walks, we like to bird watch; I paint, I read, I love to cook too.
    I corresponded with one person for over 40 years! I also have another penpal (my own brother) who I have been writing to since I was 13.
    So, write to me, I’ll write back. I’d love to know about you, the fabric of your life.

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  3. hertryk says:

    I have nearly finished,d the challenge for 2018 I hope everyone had as much fun as me, I have received 5 letters so far and replied to all, Happy Writing everyone,

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  4. hertryk says:

    I’m from Perth Western Australia, love belonging to this unique group. Love the letters I’ve received so far. I hope there is more to come

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  5. Donna Noland says:

    This has been such an interesting, fun experience….I don’t want it to end! :) I’ve gotten 7 letters and enjoyed each and every one. Only 2 more days to go. But if you want to write me after that, I’d love it.

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  6. Jim Goodding says:

    Donna – the fun doesn’t have to end in February. I’ve got at least six steady pen pals from last year’s InCoWriMo. Keep the letters and cards going throughout the year.

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  7. True that. We have penpals we have been writing year round for four years now :) A substantial number of participants have chosen to have their names remain in the address book for the rest of the year (until it is removed at the end of November)

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  8. Donna Noland says:

    I plan to write on……LOL. Maybe not just every day!


  9. gp woodruff says:

    This is my second year participating and I’m having a lot of fun. Although, I’m behind on sending letters out in the month of February– I’m committed to getting it done in March (okay maybe April). Looking for pen pals wishing to exchange postcard/mail art around the world.

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  10. I tried to sign up for this year’s Incowrimo, but for whatever reason I was unable to do so. Nevertheless I thought it was a wonderful idea, and so I went ahead anyway and wrote letters every single blessed day of February, and was well pleased that it was a short month as I ran out of obvious candidates to write letters to by Valentine’s day. However by scouring old address books, membership lists, and suchlike, and sending 2 letters to a couple of people, and dashing off silly little letters to my next door neighbors (which saved the price of 2 stamps) I got it covered. It was a wonderful experience. I used to write letters all the time, but stopped when email raised its ugly head. I had forgotten what a pleasure it is, and thank you for reminding me.

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  11. Thanks for your comment. If you were to check back here mid-December or follow the blog you will find the sign-up starting for 2019 and we’d be happy to make sure you’re on the list. Cheers :)


  12. Jim Goodding says:

    We’re glad that you rediscovered the thrill of the pen on the page again. Those you wrote to enjoyed the letter more than an email, I’m sure.

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  13. Carroll says:

    I had such fun doing this! I wrote every day to people on this list and added in my letter writing friends as well. This has helped distract me from dwelling on the dreariness of the month here in northern New England! I will spend this month writing back to the people who wrote me and also writing a few more people I just can’t resist! The act of sending my very own letters across the globe is frankly thrilling..! Many thanks to the folks who made this happen!

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  14. patlandon5 says:

    I”ll be on the list all year.

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  15. moileroi says:

    A warm hello from snowy Romania! If you want to write to a fun, positive girl (36 but feeling 13), well, that would be me :) Madalina

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