If you are just wanting someone to write to, make sure to check out the address book for names.

Filling in the comment section at the bottom of the page is still a quick and useful way to keep in touch. It lets participants know you’re here, say hello, solve postal issues and encourage others.

Note: A word about addresses and how this works ..a couple of things to know before filling in this form.

  • your address won’t magically appear the minute it’s filled in
  • all addresses will become available starting January 18, 2018
  • your address will automatically be removed by March 01, 2018
  • you can keep your address available for the rest of the year
  • there are a couple of reasons we encourage this
  • a considerable number of people every year miss the initial fun and still wish to participate
  • plenty of happy people continue to write throughout the year and welcome having new people to correspond with
  • a number of rewarding handwritten friendships have started here well after the official month was done
  • some people actually appreciate correspondence for more than 1 month out of every 12 ..continue to write back and it could be you
  • you can magically have your address added to next years list ..simply make your wishes known
  • all of this year’s addresses will be removed before November 01, 2018
  • again — even though your name is in the book, we encourage you to leave a reply and let people know you’re here



  1. Betsy says:

    Fountain pens and Warcraft! Woo!


  2. Vicky Simons says:

    This is my first year participating and I am beyond excited!!! Here is a little bit about myself:
    – I’m a 22-year-old female and I live in South Africa
    – I love reading fiction
    – I participate in NaNoWriMo every year (but I almost never win)
    – My favorite music is EDM
    – I love bullet journaling and I’m really into organization
    – I love doing sodukos
    – I am really into photography and coding

    I am so looking forward to start writing my letters!!!


  3. Donna Noland says:

    Hello from the Heart of Dixie (Alabama) in the USA! Never, ever heard of this till now, but it sounds SO FUN! I’m a crafty sort, dabble in a lot of crafty/arty things and I’m a terrier lover: Airedales & Scotties specifically. Also, a constant reader. And I like to write and share interesting bits of stuff. Can’t wait to get started……I’ve never had any kind of pen pal before.


  4. Betsy says:

    Hola Carmen! Yo tambien! No puedo esperar para febrero!


  5. Betsy says:

    I love your logging of outgoing and incoming letters! I think I’d like to incorporate something similar! Thanks so much for this idea! :)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lorie Witt says:

    I didn’t know this was a thing! I actually have a business writing letters, but I don’t get to write for myself as often as I’d like. I do write handwritten letters when I get the chance. Looking forward to this.


  7. I have some snail mail themed/named travelbugs for geocaching! I know of at least two other geocachers who’ve signed up !!


  8. Betsy says:

    Whoa! GoT stamps exist?! That’s awesome!


  9. Carole Carlson says:

    Excited to be doing this for the first time! Any tips for what to write about?

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  10. Eli Palermo says:

    This is my first year! I am a mother, a veterinary technician, a hiker, a book dragon, and much more. I love all kinds of music and books, most types of movies, and pretty much any outdoor activity. I’m a Whovian, a Potterhead, and can claim quite a few other fandoms too. Autumn and rain are my favorite seasons, chocolate is my favorite food, and all things Halloween make my heart happy.


  11. write about things familiar to you. nothing is too mundane.


  12. Micah Richey says:

    I love washi tape, as well.


  13. Micah Richey says:

    Hi! This is my first year participating. I’m a busy mom of two and work as a Healer/massage therapist. I love crafting in all things fiber arts, (knitting, sewing, weaving, spinning) looking forward to hearing from new people.


  14. Carly Mustoe says:

    This is very exciting for me – my first year of joining in after getting back in to writing g this year. I’m in the UK. My hobbies include jewellery making, glass fusing, reading and travelling
    I work in a secondary school and have a 14 year old son.


  15. Jennifer says:

    This is also my second year and I am waiting for February :)


  16. Jennifer Oyuela says:

    really interesting! I just bought some Edward Gorey cards to send :)


  17. Allison Crowell says:

    I have become obsessed with calligraphy and writing letters. I’m so happy something like this exists so I can practice and enjoy the art more!


  18. Ruth Laura says:

    I am encouraged to find so many people who also enjoy handwritten letters. I look forward to an incredible February.


  19. Hello! I’m looking forward to a February filled with heartfelt, handwritten letters.


  20. GoT stamps will be issued on the 23rd January! It is going to be a popular issue. I hope I will be able to get my hands on some. There are some wonderful stamp issues around the world. I include queuing up at the post office as part of the snail mail process. Whether or not you collect them, someone will…. In the UK, used stamps are often donated to charity (started decades ago and brought to the attention of children through a long running TV programme called Blue Peter).

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  21. Missed the deadline for having my address in the book, but eager to exchange correspondence.

    Feel free to add your details to my postable address book:

    40-something snailmail afficianado ; interested in history, sci-fi, stationery, papercrafts, books, movies, cookery.

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  22. nope, you’re in luck! the closing date for the address book is January 31st

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  23. mystyrica says:

    Greetings and salutations! I just found out about this yesterday and I’m so excited! A bit about me :
    * by the time InCoWriMo starts I’ll be 7^2 years old!
    * I’m a martial artist, archer, massage therapist, homeschool teacher, and crafty woman.
    * I love animals – we have a dog, 4 cats, and 2 parrots… But I love all animals (except fleas!)
    * I collect Dragons, fairies, and purple things… Glitter and bling is always good!
    * I am so excited to be here!

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  24. This is my second year doing InCoWriMo and I’m bringing a newbie with me. I still write to a few of my contacts from last year.
    Bio: 40 year old Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Born and raised in the Bahamas, University in Savannah GA, and settled down in Ontario Canada with husband, son, and feline overlord.
    Hobbies: Baking with a lot of calories (they taste good), myth and folklore, painting of all kinds (watercolour, oils, digital), mini-fig painting, D&D, mediocre gardener, knitting, weaving, spinning


  25. Alice HM says:

    Hi ! I’m 35 and I live in France.
    I like science (especially symbiosis and chaos theory if it speaks to someone ! ^_^), illustrations (thangkas, Mucha, Dulac or Yoshida for example), permaculture (even if I don’t have a garden yet !) and so, so many other things.
    So if you have a passion, a subject on which you could talk for hours, I would love to read you about that !
    Happy InCoWriMo everybody
    PS : My full name on the address book is Alice Héloir-Moskwa


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