Welcome to the official join-in page for this years incowrimo-2018 event.  Unfortunately the sign-up process for 2018 is now closed.

This doesn’t prevent you from participating in this years event.

Simply choose your names from this years list or write to someone you already know. Keep in mind that this is a project of writing a letter and posting it to someone every day for the month of February.

If you want to find someone to write, make sure to check out the address book for the complete list of names. You can also find an ever-changing shortlist of 28 people you can write here , but you’ll miss the fun of exploring this years project.

If you need to update or make a correction to your already published 2018 address you can go to the updates and corrections page and resubmit the correct information.

We look forward to seeing you again next year for incowrimo-2019.

Note: A word about addresses and how this works

  • unless otherwise requested, address will automatically be removed by March 01, 2018
  • a considerable number of participants keep their address available for the rest of the year
  • there are a couple of reasons we encourage this
  • a number of rewarding handwritten friendships have started here well after the official month was done
  • some people actually appreciate correspondence for more than 1 month out of every 12 and welcome having new people to correspond with
  • all of this year’s addresses will be removed before November 01, 2018
  • again — even though your name is in the book, we encourage you to leave a reply in our comment section at the bottom of the page is still a quick and useful way to keep in touch. It lets participants know you’re here, say hello, solve postal issues and encourage others.



  1. Sarah Hulsey says:

    First year doing this! I’m nearly 39, from just outside of Washington, DC. Married with a child. I used to have several penpals when I was younger, but that stopped in high school. It would be great to meet some new people! My hobbies are pretty low-key: reading, crafts, using my planner, etc. I’m a meeting planner and have been a volunteer English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher as well as teaching English online. Now I’m off to buy some stationery!


  2. Stephanie Hammond says:

    HI Donna from Alabama – i grew up with Airedales! I would love to correspond with you. I should be in the list when it begins – i added my address yesterday (1/24). Stephanie

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  3. Gubbinal says:

    Thank you!


  4. Melanie Reza says:

    This is my first year participating in InCoWriMo and I am so excited!! I’m 44 and single with 3 grown children that are awesome. My hobbies are pretty much journaling, writing and my bullet journal. I work as a Lead Analyst for a global bank and spend the majority of my time with a computer writing computer models. I have taught English abroad in Kuwait for 3 years, but am back stateside in my hometown of Houston, Texas. Loving life and excited to meet you, please drop me a postcard or note, and I will be sure to answer.

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  5. Lone Holgersson says:

    Hi Everyone :0)
    First timer here doing the InCoWriMo. Very excited and looking forward to be writing letters. I haven’t sent a handwritten letter since my teens(not gonna tell you how long time since that ;0) ). Should I get some special stationary for this – I think i should. Love to all and happy InCoWriMo …… :0)


  6. Chris Saenz says:

    This is my first year doing this! I’m 54 and I live in Texas with my husband and our 3 cats. I grew up in northern Vermont. My hobbies are fountain pens, reading, photography and crocheting! I work at home now … in the past I was a pre-school teacher and then a home caregiver for elderly people. Before that I was a public affairs specialist in the US Air Force. I’d like to some pen pals and I look forward to writing cards and letters! I had no idea this was such an organized event — my perception was that I’d need to think of people to write to … and I don’t really have that many people in my address book at this point!!! I’ll be checking my cards and stationary and stocking up on stamps!!!

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  7. Donna Noland says:

    Cool, Stephanie! I’ll look for your address in the list. I looked for mine yesterday, but it wasn’t there yet. Airedales: the BEST! I think this is such a great idea……I had no idea there were so many people that would be interested in many of the same things I am, including getting & sending mail…, crafts, knitting, crocheting, reading, DOGS……… super!

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  8. Jon Jordan says:

    Hi. I’m Jon and I live in Raynham MA. I’m 53 and work as a CRNA. This seems like such a cool idea. I’m looking forward to getting back to communicating the old fashioned way. I love to play guitar and drums as well as play with my chocolate lab Kojack. Hope to hear from everyone. Jon


  9. Venter Timi writer says:

    This is my first time attending incowrimo, this is so exciting…I cannot wait for February the 1st, to start writing.

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  10. Mia says:

    You do not need any special stationery to take part, but it can be fun and enjoyable using papers specifically for letter writing.

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  11. Aella says:

    First time trying InCoWriMo. Looking forward to getting started!

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  12. Aella says:

    Sorry, just realized my last comment only had my avatar name. I’m Vicky Bass and my address will hopefully be added to the list. Thank you!

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  13. radellaf says:

    The G. Lalo paper is nice, but I’ve also printed stationery on regular (or slightly nicer than regular) printer paper. There are downloadable sheets and envelopes (Ink-A-Rhino is probably still around somewhere) or you can design your own. Just cutting standard paper down to more “intimate” sizes can be fun, especially if you fold a custom-size envelope to go with it.


  14. Annett Oertel says:

    Hello, my name is Annett. I´m 42 years, married and have a grown-up son and a baby daughter of 9 months. I work as a midwife and live in Munich, Germany. Penpalling has always been a big part of my life – I started when I was 11 with some breaks in between. It is my first time here at InCoWriM and I´m very excited to meet new pals here. Hope to see you in my mailbox.

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  15. Holly Cooper says:

    I did InCoWriMo last year and enjoyed it, tho sometimes I had difficulty keeping up. Often I write postcards, and I like to collect them when I travel. I’m an educational consultant for children with combined hearing and vision loss, I work for the state of Texas and travel as part of my job. I plan to retire in June. I love cats, cooking vegetarian, quilting and weaving, growing herbs, and keeping a bullet journal. I like to collect and use rubber stamps and make little booklets from recycled paper that fit a traveler’s type notebook system. I also do mail art, but can’t do that with all my correspondence this month. I look forward to February!

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  16. Katherine Herzog says:

    It’s almost time!!! This will be my 2nd time participating in InCoWriMo and I am counting down the days (literally, in my bullet journal…9, 8, 7, 6…almost there!). For all the “1st years,” welcome! It really is a great project/community. I’ve met such lovely people, and it is the best [excuse], I mean reason, to get more fountain pen and stationery supplies. Quick blurb about me: happily married, mid-30s, momma of 2 (and pooch), living in the wonderful Pacific Northwest. I love being outside (especially when it’s foggy), a bit obsessed with crocheting, love writing with fountain pens (thank you InCoWriMo 2017), reading (mainly fantasy, paranormal, and a bit of sci-fi) and same goes for my TV/Movies (Allons-y!!), and recently I’ve found myself being drawn to star-gazing.
    Hope everyone has a fantastic InCoWriMo experience.

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  17. Renata says:

    Hello everyone, this is my first InCoWriMo and I’m looking forward to it! I’ll be 50 in May, single, love the beach & ocean and my cat Tommie. Passionate about movies, music, chocolate and tea. Interested in other cultures and religions, I’m a non-practasing Catholic. My hobbies include bujo, handlettering, cycling, watching the All Blacks and Valentino Rossi, reading and small creative projects. Like a penpal worldwide and also Dutch :)


  18. Silvia Polini says:

    Hi Everyone! My name is Silvia, I’m 40 years old and I’m Italian. This is the first time I share my address for Incowrimo. I like black tea, calligraphy, books (I’m reading “It” by Stephen King) and black&white horror movies (my favourite is 1954’s “Godzilla”). I just began country line dancing, and I love it! And I will participate in my first Spartan Race at the end of April. I wish you a marvellous Incowrimo experience! Have a nice day :-)


  19. Kathy Jackson says:

    First InCoWriMo. Many hobbies and interests; sailing, black-smithing, sewing, cooking, reading, calligraphy and illumination, gardening, permaculture theory, fresh foods. Classical music, some metal music, folk and filk songs, small dinner parties with friends. My reading is mostly in the science fiction and fantasy fiction genres, I read whatever comes my way. Ingredients on food, warnings on household products, instructions. I love to learn about other’s hobbies and interests, because it makes the world more interesting.

    Pens and paper at the ready!

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  20. Cathy S. says:

    First time doing this thought I’d see how it goes:) I’m from New England but call South Carolina home now (much less snow😀). I’ve been a nurse for 33 years (mostly ER and trauma currently a nursing supervisor) married for 32 years to a fire fighter and Air Force vet. I also was in the Air Force for 4 years and we were stationed in Germany many years ago (2 of our 3 children were born there) I’m looking forward to sending a few letters there! We loved Europe and hope to some day get to visit again. My hobbies are photography, I began a little part time photo buisness last year, knitting, crafting, journaling, and traveling as much as possible. Looking forward to writing and receiving “snail mail”!

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  21. Evelyn Coffey says:

    Hi! This is the first time doing InCoWriMo :) I’m so excited! I’m married with one baby boy, about to turn 30 on February 1st (eee!). I teach French in University and my hobbies include learning calligraphy, singing, discovering the world through my son’s eyes, and traveling as much as possible. That last one I don’t get to do very often anymore so writing and receiving snail mail will be my traveling this year!


  22. B D Midgley says:

    Participated in incowrimo last year. Fountain pens brought me to it; I have too many! I am an educator and am trying to maintain the sketchbook habit.

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  23. Tina Lee says:

    Hello everyone! This is my first time participating in InCoWriMo, and I’m both excited and nervous! I look forward to getting to know a pen pal (I’ve never had one!) who also shares the interest (love?) of putting (fountain?) pen to paper. And I’m nervous about the commitment I’m making to writing a letter a day, because I don’t want to let my pen pal down. I’m 46 y.o. and live in Chicago, IL, although I was born in Da Nang, Vietnam and escaped the country after the Fall of Saigon with my parents. We were fortunate to end up in Hong Kong, and were sponsored by a generous Lutheran church in Oak Park, IL; which is how we ended up in the U.S. My partner and I have been together for 8 years and we are fortunate to still have our 19 y.o. cat, Scout, our mostly blind and quite deaf geriatric kitty. I’m a former high school English teacher and work as a counselor at a 43 y.o. feminist health center, which I love. I love trying new foods, travel (when I can), road trips, camping, fountain pens, books, and gathering with our friends. I’m a virgo (haha!) and lean more towards introversion than extroversion. I suppose my claim to fame is that I’m a bit of goofy little shit who values both humor and intimate conversations.

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  24. Sonya Baskin says:

    Hi! This will be my first time participating in InCoWriMo and I’m super excited to be playing along as I love all things paper and pens. I’m looking forward to writing my 28 letters from Charlotte, NC with the hopes that I’ll get a few in return. :-)


  25. Petra Broyl says:

    Hello greetings from the Netherlands,
    I’m 53, lecturer, living in the Netherlands. My interests are: history ( I’m a part-time master student), reading, running, cycling and sewing. It’s my first participation. I’d love to write and receive letters.

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  26. Zaida says:

    Happy InCoWriMoj 2018!! I’m a Spanish woman living in The Netherlands for the last two years. I already have paper ready, stamps and fountain pens inked. :-)

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  27. Courtney Nord says:

    This is my first time participating. I am 27 years old separated from my husband and have 4 children. Things have been hard for me and the kids and having a friend would mean a lot to me. I have no local friends so I keep to myself.

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  28. Hi, this is my first time here.
    I’m 54 years old, love paper and pens (though my handwriting leaves something to be desired) Worked in a variety of fields. I love photography, podcast, travel, journaling, (I am currently working on creating my own journaling magazine for Kindle), cats, dogs, road trips, the shore and ocean, films, history and reading. My reading interests are varied and change over time.

    I am single and living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

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  29. Also, accidentally joined under someone else’s WordPress address (helping them with their site) Hope that doesn’t make a difference.


  30. LaWanda Batchelor says:

    This is my first time participating in the InCoWriMoj2018. I am so excited! I have just started learning calligraphy using brush pens and fountain pens. I am addicted to it. LOL I am married and have two grown kids and five grandkids. I have been a Labor and Delivery nurse for 24 years and love it. I also enjoy crafts, planners, planner stickers and everything that goes with it. I love reading, writing, DIY projects, traveling, hiking which my husband and I just started doing and really love it. We live in the country with chicken, turkeys, 4 dogs, two cats and three rabbits. We grow a garden and I preserve our food by canning or dehydrating it. I can’t wait for February to get started and write to all you wonderful people.

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  31. Stefanie says:

    Hello there,
    I joined frist time and pass greetings from Germany. I am 38, married and working as a geriatric nurse. I love handwriting, creative things and gardening as well as cooking and baking. Enjoy!


  32. Amanda says:

    Hi everyone! This is my first time participating. I just moved to Northampton, Massachusetts — smack in the middle of “the happy valley” as it is called — last month. I also just got into fountain pens, although I’ve always been a stationary obsessive. I am loving seeing so many dog people and would love to communicate with you! My in-laws have Airedales and I just love them. I have two miniature schnauzers and am starting a dog training business. I also work at a college, which I really love. I have always been a writer, and am maybe too curious about other people’s lives for polite society, but apparently that is perfect for this project! I hope to hear from some of you soon.


  33. Amanda M says:

    Hi everyone – This is my first time participating. I am happy to see so many dog people here! My in-laws have Airedales and I have miniature schnauzers AND am starting my own dog training business in Western Massachusetts. I am married, 35, no kids and no plans to have them. You all have so many interesting hobbies, I would love to hear about them. I am a newbie in the fountain pen world and would especially love to hear from those of you who are more experienced.

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  34. Donna Noland says:

    Amanda M, so glad to see another Airedale person here……funny how terrier folks are drawn to the same sorts of things. Hope to write with you!


  35. Ted Allen says:

    I have participated for a number of years. My interests include: fountains and writing, of course. Bicycling, bread baking, live theater, photography, reading. I am a rank amateur at all of that, but I enjoy them all at various times. I’m 67 years old, male, and being from the heart of the United States only speak English, unfortunately.


  36. Jan says:

    This will be my second year participating, i really enjoyed it last year! I love fountain pens, journaling, doodling, and my yellow lab!


  37. Carroll says:

    Hi all, Carroll here writing from the backwoods of Vermont in the USA… I write a lot of letters and enjoy sending all over the word. I really enjoy mail art! Letters in envelopes and postcards, they are all good. I have two boys 23 and 16, a spouse of 24 years, cats and yard birds. I don’t really write very long letters but newsy cheerful little ones. I love my part of the world and enjoy hearing about where others live and how gorgeous it is there..!


  38. Debrah says:

    Hi Everyone – this too is my first time participating. I should be retired, but instead I’m still working full time. I paint, make cards, have a cat and travel several times during the year to visit my family in different parts of the States and over the pond to Sweden. I live at the base of the beautiful Mt. Hood in Sandy, Oregon. Once upon a time I was a big letter writer before email and social media and look forward to getting back to it. Can’t wait to meet some of you!


  39. Gabrielle says:

    Hi everyone. This is my first year doing this. I’m in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado, where I keep busy as a hospice volunteer, writer, and web site designer. Slowing down and writing on nice paper with a real fountain pen brings me joy. I’ve lived all over the United States and I haven’t had a pen pal since I was a teenager. Looking forward to corresponding the old fashioned way once again.

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  40. Middle Girl says:

    I see I am in very good company, being the first time doing this. I am happy to have found this site and look forward to participating.


  41. Christina Laws says:

    First time doing this and looking forward to it. I’m 45, happily married for 24 years now with two kids who have long since moved out of the house. I LOVE animals (we have a house full of rescues), traveling, photography, wild horses (I’m a bit obsessed so to be truthful, my travels and photography now seem to center on the wild ones :) ), cooking, watching too much TV, writing letters ( I love getting to know people through letters!) and so much more! I’m looking forward to participating!

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  42. Elaine Pang says:

    I just added myself to the list – very excited to see what happens! I am an Australian originally from the USA. I used to write letters a lot but the practice has declined as everyone has gone digital. It will be really nice to get real mail that isn’t a bill or advertising! My interests are art, architecture, food, knitting… and people :)


  43. netjane says:

    Hello! This is my 2nd InCoWriMo – I’m a 36 yo South African, mom of 3 kids ranging in age between almost 2 and just 7, part-time attorney & full-time bargain hunter and junk spotter. I love the letter writing and mail art community I have met through Instagram and hope to connect with some interesting people for either a once-off exchange of letters or to establish a more long lasting friendship. Postcards, short cards, mere ponderings and random observations also welcome!


  44. Davy van der Zanden says:

    Hello from the Netherlands! This is my first time doing InCoWriMo. I’m looking forward to participating.

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  45. jessicaleegilbert says:

    Hello! This is my second InCoWriMo. I’m 43 and live in Michigan with my husband and two cats. I am not a fan of snow or cold, and I collect vintage mid-century postcards of Florida motels. I am taking a course now in herbal medicine, and I try to practice meditation regularly. I do some sewing, some crocheting, some gardening, read a ton and keep a bullet journal. I have way too many bottles of ink and a love of fountain pens. When it’s warm, I stand up paddle board. Looking forward to daily writing!


  46. Hi! This is my first time participating. I live in New Jersey, which is where I grew up, but I lived in Massachusetts for 35 years, until this past fall. I’m a 57-year-old web editor. Interests are movies, especially classic/older movies; reading; ice skating; art; knitting/crafts. Umm–I *think* I am more interesting than this sounds.


  47. Nancy says:

    This is going to be quite the challenge. Every day? Wow. Ok I will do my very best to do a daily. Maybe I should start now… If anyone from the UK would like to write, we are big fans of GOT and I understand the new stamps are out now. Would love to see any one of the stamps that were just released if they are not all sold out. Just a thought. Looking forward to creating and receiving mail!


  48. I would like to add to what I wrote earlier (This is my first time participating. I used to have Pen Pals, from all aroma nd the World, when I was young. My hobbies are photography, baking, traveling, volunteering, boardgames with the family and my food blog.) that I speak English and French, I have 3 adults children and I have been married for 29 years. I am not looking for a relationship but PenPals from all around the World. Can’t wait to get started.


  49. Maxine says:

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first year and I’m really looking forward to both the challenge and hopefully receiving some correspondence.

    I am 47, originally from north west EEngland, now in the East Midlands, moving when I met my partner 16 years ago.

    I love music (all sorts), reading and have done lots of different crafts over the years. Currently, I’m aiming to work on my handwriting so this project will help. And it’s an excuse to buy stationery of course!

    I would love to hear from anyone anywhere.

    Have fun everyone


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  50. Amy says:

    Hi all! This is my first year, and I’m so excited to write! I used to have penpals in my teens, but somehow myspace and facebook took over everything. I’ve been wishing and hoping for the chance to write letters again. Born and raised in Southern CA. I’m a 30 year old kid. Total Disney nerd. I love music, sewing, crafting. Looking forward to making new friends.

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