Not seeing any addresses?

That’s because we’re waiting until January 18 to allow time for everyone to get their name in for 2018. Once the cut off date arrives, we’re posting them all at once.  This gives you the largest number of people to choose from and allows a little planning time before incowrimo-2018 officially starts.

Remember, when you enter your information on our join in page, it doesn’t automatically appear on this page until January 18. You’ll have to wait for the magic date before it pops up along with everyone else.

If you let us know last year that you wanted to be part of incowrimo-2018 ..don’t worry.. your address will magically appear in January as well. If your address has changed since then, you can easily update it by clicking here or going to the updates and corrections page.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to participate in this event and don’t quite know how?  It’s pretty simple. Just head over to the join in page and well  ..join in.

Everyone will be glad you did!

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